Video Production

We plan, shoot and edit video for your projects! We are professionals experienced in both large business and SME’s. We create the captivating video you are looking for.

360 Tour

360 virtual tours are on the rise.  We’ve coped with this technology and we are ready to help you give your customers the interactive experience they deserve.


Weddings, Business Events, Fashion, Products! You name it! We are at your disposal in the field of photography to transform your events into memorable ones. We provide shoots, photo editing, color correction and much more.

Graphics & Animation

More than design! Are you looking for graphics/visual designers with branding experience? We help you design collateral with story backgrounds; giving your business the direction it deserves. We are able to provide business cards, animations, flyers, ebooks and more.

Professional Drone Pilot

RPAS ROC-light permit

Ready to help with your aerial needs

Check out our video for an example of what JC multimedia did until now.

Affiliated to:

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Web Design

We are experienced web developers! Do you wish to have a fast and responsive site? We actively work with WordPress if you are the client who seeks access and make changes after. JC Multimedia builds landing pages, webshops, business sites and more.

Community Management

Have you considered building a strong social media community? JC Multimedia has experience in building strong social media accounts with active community engagement. Depending on your situation, social media is considered a strong traffic source for clients, consumers, and branding.


Does your company staff require training in the fields of multimedia? We offer training in all of our fields of expertise! This is a good choice if, for example, you are a communications agency and your staff lacks knowledge in video storytelling. Or you wish your staff to know the basics of photo color correction.


Are you in need of an interactive presentation for your business meeting, graduation project or general speech? We build creative presentations for any kind of direction.


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We provide an extensive range of services directed to your needs. Depending on your current case, we can offer a product or a bundle of products. Let JC Multimedia help you build powerful digital assets for your company.


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